Steven Universe is a show that caught me off guard quite some time ago and went from being something I’d keep on in the background to having tattoos of Peridot and all four diamonds on my right leg.

Over the past few years the show has continued to teach me new life lessons about acceptance, understanding and change. I’m pleased to say the movie is no exception.

A musical from beginning to end the one and a half hour run time is filled with melodies by the diverse cast of characters and covers a plethora of genres ensuring that a tune is present to appease every type of viewer regardless of their tastes.

In traditional Steven Universe fashion the conflict is severe but handled in a way that promotes growth and pushes beyond simply punching our problems away.

This well animated piece is brought to life with gorgeous pastel colors and spot on voice acting that continues to impress ensuring that Steven Universe maintains the title of Cartoon Network’s most ambitious, progressive and inclusive show of all time – now with a full-length motion picture.

Do yourself a favor. See it.

You can find the Steven Universe Movie on digital through the various retailers below.

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