I constantly have an issue of getting bored with multiplayer games. For the first time in what seems like ages, surprise hit Apex Legends has reignited my love for multiplayer. I can say that I have not had this much fun since the glory days of Halo 3.

Battle Royal has been an exceedingly popular genre that has captured my heart. It’s something about the competitive edge and tactical gameplay behind it that always gets my adrenaline pumping in ways few games can. I found myself getting tired of Battle Royal and then, almost out of no where, Apex Legends released.

I remember playing it the night of release with friends, figuring out all the different legends and what their abilities could offer to our skillset. We were finding the best loot points, testing all the weapons, and playing around with the best pinging system I have ever seen in a game. I’m a big Rainbow Six Siege fan and would love to see a similar ping system integrated. It is far and beyond one of the best things ever done in a multiplayer game. It has made playing with voiceless randoms possible, easy, and understandable. That’s a feat that should not go unnoticed.

A good friend, and contributor to this site, Tyler and I noted how incredible it was that this was a free game. It was well polished, little to no bugs, and had fair microtransactions. It was a refreshing game that worked so well.

Since its release, I haven’t been able to put it down. In-between my regular rotation of games, I have always been making time for Apex Legends. I’ve been looking forward to their Battle Pass and future characters coming to the roster. There have been talks of new squad sizes and modes, which I know will be a ton of fun. The game makes me want to invest into it and keep coming back for more.

I’ve already created some really memorable moments that still make me laugh. It’s been quite some time since I’ve been this into a game, and it feels good. It really reminds me of being a kid again and playing a new game for the first time and that is a sorely missed feeling.

That brings me to the title of this article. Video games are my hobby and passion and, as it is with most things, sometimes the flame dulls. It becomes hard to see why you are there in the first place. Sometimes the feeling is overwhelming and you find it hard to enjoy your very passion. Moments pass and change, and you’re reminded of why this is something you always loved. Moments like that really make life feel worth it, and damn if it isn’t one of the best feelings. So thanks for the good feelings Apex Legends, I’m looking forward to the rest of this ride.