Wolverine: Weapon X is a story arc appearing in the Marvel Comics Presents anthology series and takes place in issues #72 – #84.

The story is written and illustrated by British comic artist Barry Windsor-Smith and details the now well known tale of how X-Men character James Howlett, or Logan, attained his adamantium skeleton and goes on to become the Wolverine we all know and love.

Though the book focuses entirely on Wolverine and his transformation, only the prologue and epilogue are told from his point of view. The majority of the story is told through the perspective of three members of the Weapon X Team including Abraham Cornelius, Carol Hines and “The Professor”.

The art in the book can be very gloomy and heavy, often times leaving the reader with a feeling of dread or anger. The entire process of the Weapon X Program is one of torture, brutal training regiments and brainwashing. For example, in one set of panels “The Professor” orders Logan to be left outside in subzero temperatures overnight after a fresh slaughter – leaving him to waste away in his own mess of bile and blood.

The book features heavy metal style imagery and is filled with gore and brutality.

As you watch Logan experience hell, you can’t help but feel a strong urge to see him break free and exact revenge on those tormenting him and thankfully you get that. Wolverine: Weapon X plays out like a slasher film and in this case, our hero is the monster that stalks out and slaughters his prey.

You see, Barry Windsor-Smith does a lot of things extremely well with this story but the absolute highlight is how perfectly he streamlines everything together.

While reading the collected edition I was unable to piece together where a single issue would have began or ended and each panel seemed to have some sort of device plugging it directly into the next one like broken windows, or torn walls which made the entire book feel like one giant coherent scene.

Wolverine has no trouble holding his own against the plethora foes he faces.

Most Marvel and X-Men fans already know how the Weapon-X story ends, but not as many have had the opportunity to see it first hand. This book allows you to witness the entire process from beginning to end with every bloody detail laid out in gorgeous pen strokes right before your eyes.

The mature theme, breathtaking art and gruesome story should be enough to keep your eyes glued to your book or device from start to finish – and I couldn’t recommend it enough.

Reading this story on a digital device such as a tablet or PC seems to offer the best experience as the backlight really helps the art pop and the guided view prevents you from glancing down and spoiling anything.

Wolverine has always been one of my all-time favorite superheroes. So I’m willing to admit that when it comes to his stories, I’ll be a bit biased. But in this case, I am absolutely convinced that this book goes above and beyond what you would expect from any comic story and is a must read for any Marvel fan.

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