Minecraft is no stranger to collaborations but it still came as a surprise when the official Cartoon Network Twitter announced that a Steven Universe x Minecraft Mash-Up Pack would be dropping just hours after the tweet.

The pack retails for 990 Minecoins (which is just under the $5.99 price point that nets you 1020 Minecoins) and includes original music from the show, a world featuring iconic landmarks from Beach City and Homeworld, and 48 new player skins ranging from the Crystal Gems to lesser known one-off characters!

I bought the pack as soon as I got home from work and hopped into creative mode to explore the built-in world and what I discovered is one of the most relaxing experiences I’ve ever had in gaming.

The textures are smooth and the pastel colors are easy on the eyes. It’s fun to see monsters and NPCs transform into familiar characters, such as pandas becoming Lion, Wither Skeletons becoming White Pearl and Enderman becoming Holo-Pearl.

It’s also nice to have a wide variety of skins that are featured in the show to pick from including The Crystal Gems, The Diamonds, Beach Cities Residents and even Watermelon Steven. Having such a robust selection ensures that there will be a skin for every fan, regardless of their taste.

The best part by far, however, is the music. Most tracks provide an ambient atmosphere with chiptune style songs and the full version of the show’s theme song is also included, but unfortunately it’s the only one with vocals that I heard during my playtime – sorry, “giant woman” fans.

Minecraft has always been a game that I boot up when I want to chill out and take it easy for a while. The Steven Universe pack will absolutely be a staple in that ritual moving forward thanks to it’s calming atmosphere and gorgeous design.

If you’re interested in picking up the pack for yourself, check out the gallery of 4K screenshots below, and then visit the links below to see more information, previews and purchase options!

(The Steven Universe Mash-Up Pack is available on iOS, Android, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Windows 10 through the Bedrock Edition Minecraft Marketplace. It is also available for the PlayStation 4 Edition by Mojang. This article was written based on Xbox One X gameplay.)

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